Leominster Festival 2002

Barry Cryer
"The First Farewell Tour"

Saturday 1st June 2002

The undisputed King of the one-liner returns to Leominster once again. Despite Colin Sell being unavailable, Barry and his replacement pianist, Barry, provided a well-received evening of jokes and anecdotes to a sell-out audience.

The Minster College

Monica Vasconcelos and Nois

Monday 3rd June 2002

The beautiful Monica Vasconcelos and her band Nois (which means ‘us’ in Brazilian Portuguese) perform authentic Brazilian sambas and folk music with superb vocal and instrumental arrangements – and dazzling jazz solos.

A lively and spirited performance, even managing to tease some of the usually reticent festival audience onto the dance floor for the upbeat second half.

A different and vibrant show.

The Minster College

Codebreakers: The Story of Enigma

Tuesday 4th June 2002

Dr. Mark Baldwin gives an entertaining and instructive show on the fascinating story (so long hidden) of the Allied Codebreakers at Bletchley Park and how they cracked the German Enigma code in the Second World War.

Dr. Baldwin’s obvious enthusiasm for the subject clearly shows through in a very well received talk. The hands on demonstration and extended question and answer session after the show was a much appreciated bonus for a hugely satisfied audience.

The Royal Oak Hotel

Chalemie presents Harlequin Pygmalion

Wednesday 5th June 2002

An eighteenth century musical entertainment – a fully staged and costumed production of Harlequin Pygmalion. Based on the mythological story of the sculptor who falls in love with one of his own creations.

In a riotous feast of colour, sound and action, Chalemie creates a rumbustious evocation of the world of a travelling theatre company of the early eighteenth century.

The Lion Ballroom

"Free at Last"
An Audience with Tony Benn

Thursday 6th June 2002

The longest serving Labour M.P. ever, Tony Benn was elected in 1950 and was a member of every Labour cabinet from 1964 to 1979.

A fascinating insight into the increasingly cynical and closed world of politics by the rarest of kinds – a politician with true conviction and belief in what he preaches.

The Priory Church


Friday 7th June 2002

A unique combination of flutes underpinned by fluid guitar and hugely impressive bodhran playing.

A lively and very enjoyable evening of Irish folk music – just a slight shame that all but one of the sold-out audience resisted the urge to get out of their seats and dance. Still, well done that lone man for showing them how it should be done!

The Royal Oak Hotel


Saturday 8th June 2002

A French style “casse-croute” lunch with pate and cheese and traditional music from all regions of France from the wonderfully talented young group, Jabadaw.

Another superb folk band – this time with a French bias – which were thoroughly enjoyed, but perhaps deserved a larger venue and a less conservative audience. Wonderful food too!

The Lion Ballroom

An Evening with Alan Price

Saturday 8th June 2002

An evening of the famous, and some not-so-famous, songs from Alan Price – interjected with often gloomy but always amusing tales from his long experience in the music industry.

The Minster College